Impacting Faith, Community & Culture

Our Church

At LifeChurch, we strive to be a relevant force in our community. We are not like any other church you have ever visited before. LifeChurch is a vibrant, growing and welcoming group of people who love Jesus. Not satisfied with just having “Church”, we desire to have a real relationship with Jesus. As Christians, we shouldn’t exist only behind the four walls of the church, LifeChurch has been actively involved in community projects, whether it be delivering meals at Christmas, volunteering in regional projects, or simply singing at a seniors home…we want to affect lives.

Our motto is this “Impacting Faith, Community, and Culture”. That is our goal. Represented by over 24 different nations, we are a multicultural church.

We don’t want to just improve our community, we want to impact lives. LifeChurch is a place where lives can be transformed. Pasts can be erased, and new futures discovered.

We are not a traditional church that thinks God doesn’t directly affect our lives. We have seen the proof how the power of God can change a life and bring healing, not only to the body, but the mind, the heart and the soul. LifeChurch is the place to find that new life you have been looking for. Come visit us and see where Life begins.